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To get rid of transformation anxiety, cabinet enterprises have to keep two keywords in mind

Nowadays, people are all talking about the internet thinking. Indeed, internet is subverting our thought and changing our life, and traditional industries such as cabinets industry is in development with this change. However, facing with such transformation, cabinet enterprises are filled with anxiety that they do not know the proper pace to this transition. In fact, the combination of the new and traditional economies is a good choice to solve this problem. Therefore, during the change, cabinet companies have to keep two keywords in mind: “user” and “free of charge”. 
Transform the concept of Customer into User
The biggest difference between user and customer is that the link of user and enterprise is a long-term service, or a conversation, an ongoing dialogue. The most important thing for the transformation of cabinet enterprises is that in the beginning, the companies should not focus on who the customer is, or how much money they can get from their customers, and should not analyze the market share on the basis of the money amount. They should change their idea into that user first is the inevitable concept in the Internet era. The future trend is that the core for cabinet companies to win users lies in the constant creation of the interaction with users. And the reason why Google is becoming stronger and stronger is that it focuses on the connection between the users and itself. In other words, it changed one-time transaction into continuous connection and make itself root into the deep mind of the users, which is the most subversive thing of the internet. 
Pay attention to the power of free of charge
Now why there are many cabinet enterprises, especially those large ones turning to make trans-boundary business? In the past, it is very clear of the border of home furnishing enterprises, while nowadays those unrelated companies, instead of your counterparts, became your competitors. Both of you and your counterparts became the sufferer of the “free of charge”. Actually, the biggest challenge of the companies is not whether it has strength, but the lack of courage and awareness, and what they can do is just passively waiting for the freely dying out of the traditional business and then begin to transmit. Meanwhile when a cabinet company plans to step into a new field, the huge challenge it faces with is the tradition of the current enterprises, in other words, the company has been adapt to the original matters during its success, and it will not make a breakthrough if it is in imprisonment. 
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